FAQs: Achilles Problems

Q) Did I rupture my Achilles tendon?

FAQs: Ball of Foot Pain

Q) Can I prevent metatarsalgia?
Q) Why doe the front part of my toe hurt?

FAQs: Bunions

Q) How can I prevent bunions?
Q) Do I need bunion surgery if I have a bunion?
Q) What is a bunionette?

FAQs: Deformities

Q) What causes claw toe?

FAQs: Diabetic Foot Care

Q) What causes Charcot foot?
Q) Why is checking my feet important if I have diabetes?

FAQs: Diseases Affecting Feet


Q) What are some diet tips for someone with arthritis?
Q) What should I avoid eating if I have arthritis?

FAQs: Footwear

Q) What is the difference between orthotics and shoe inserts?

FAQs: General Foot Care

Q) When should I call a podiatrist?
Q) How do PRP injections work?
Q) Why should my child visit a podiatrist


FAQs: Heel Problems

Q) How can I treat cracked heels?
Q) Why do my heels hurt first thing in the morning?
Q) Can orthotics help my heel pain?


FAQs: Running

Q) Should I run in hot weather?


FAQs: Sports Injuries

Q) What causes an ankle sprain?
Q) How can I tell if I have sesamoiditis?

FAQs: Toe Pain

Q) What is causing my big toe joint to hurt?
Q) What is hammertoe?